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Hamor Soft

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Hamor Soft

No. 18 nr. 18, bl. 11/D/1 Nicolae Iorga Street, Sfântu Gheorghe, Covasna County

Phone: +40 267 312139, +40 267 326301



Company Profile

We develop software solutions for accounting, administration and management for small- and medium-sized businesses, organizations, foundations.
Our software packages are distributed in compact form, with the basic general settings. They are open, modular systems, but through a development tool of our own, they can be adapted, parameterized, extended depending on customer requirements. Occasionally, they can be linked with programs of other companies.
Our programs run on Windows and Linux operating systems, desktop computers, local servers, or in Cloud, also being operational on Android , iOS and Windows Phone devices.
We have over 2000 active customers and our products are marketed in a distribution network consisting of about 20 companies.
The programs are developed through the hMET technology, which is the company's own development.
  • hCONT – General and analytical accounting
  • hBILANT – Economic and financial analyses and reports
  • hMARFA – Management and accounting with regard to business and financial operations and stocks
  • hSALAR – Personnel records, calculation of salaries
  • hIMOB – Assets management and accounting
  • hPROD – Production management
  • hMISS – Secretarial system