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Second IT & C and Innovation Conference of Seklerland

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We are pleased to announce you that on November 28 – 29, in Tusnádfürdő, the Second IT & C and Innovation Conference of Seklerland will be held.

The main objective of the conference is to establish a stronger tie between the IT and telecommunications companies from the region, on the one hand, and the major public and educational institutions, on the other hand. This cooperation aims at synergic effects, such as an increased level of innovation potential, better opportunities to access certain markets, but also an improved utilization rate of the workforce within the cluster. It is not a secret that by means of this conference we wish to attract and to connect especially those actors from the region and from outside the region, who have the will and the ability to take action for the rise and the economic and technological development of the region.

The conference will introduce the latest technological applications and results through relevant Hungarian and Romanian corporate and other actors. When hearing Szeklerland, technology or innovation is not what first comes to our mind, but we believe that it is time to prove that there are acknowledged companies with significant expertise present in the region.

Please click here if you would like to view the program of the conference!

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