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Navigator Software

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Navigator Software

Sighișoara street nr. 409/B, Corunca, Mureș county, 547367, Romania

Phone: +40 757 999 111



Contact person: Tímea Csatlós

Company Profile

Navigator Software has been present in the IT market since 2008. Among its main activities are personalized the development of economic software, BI solutions, and business & IT counseling. In the initial phase the firm worked with a smaller infrastructure and headcount. Today we have outgrown ourselves, delivering ERP-methods tailored to the local market demand to nearly 400 partners in 6 different domains (manufacture, forestry, commerce, construction, hospitality, services). Our modern solutions are based on simplicity, safety and efficiency, and are totally adapted to the particularities of each business environment. We consider it our mission to become real partners to our clients and help grow their own businesses. Our motto, "Think together with us.. you'll be stronger!" symbolizes our goal to have such partners, who accept collective thinking and mutual help in the business life, and regard us as long-term partners, instead of just a simple software-supplier.
  • Personalized, innovative CRM&ERP solution (software development, implementation, post-implementation services)
  • Providing hardware (POS systems, cash registers, etc.)
  • Business and IT consulting, process management
  • Web Development
  • Embarcado Delphi 2010
  • Android
  • PHP
  • JAVA