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Fundătura Hărmanului nr. 4, 500240 Brașov, județul Brașov, România

Phone: +40 268 333 766



Contact person: Orsolya Szallos-Kis

Company Profile

Established in 2005, Flashnet is a research and development company for intelligent energy management solutions, with worldwide operations. Flashnet integrates cutting edge IT, communications and energy technology into hardware & software solutions for large scale integrated management systems: Smart Grids and Smart Cities.

Flashnet’s strategy of employing the best people for its key activities: electronics, software, telecommunications, project management and support is one of the keys leading to the company’s success. The Flashnet team is capable to assist you through every step of the project implementation process, from technical customized design and financing counseling down to the actual project implementation and after-sales maintenance & support.

From Europe to Middle East and Asia, millions of people have already witnessed our technologies. Since Flashnet’s establishment in 2005, we have been creating smarter cities and energy grids, improving resource management and overall quality of life in cities all over the world: Manama BAHRAIN / Szolnok HUNGARY / Jakarta INDONESIA / Elk POLAND / Brasov, Cluj-Napoca ROMANIA / Danilov RUSSIA / Mecca, Riyadh SAUDI ARABIA

We are controlling over 70,000 street lamps, and allowed for more than 5000 smart meters to be monitored and read remotely.
  • InteliLight - is a street lighting remote management system with in-depth grid management capabilities, that ensures real-time feedback of any change occurring along the grid, increases energy efficiency (up to 35% energy saving through dimming and smart scheduling) and optimizes maintenance activities (up to 42% reduced operational costs). Also, inteliLIGHT® is a base platform for smart city applications like EV chargers, city-wide sensing devices or safety infrastructure – all powered from the street lighting grid.
  • InteliGRID is an integrated power grid management solution. From the consumers’ electricity meters to power production and distribution centers, we can integrate information flow in self-healing and self-forming communication networks and provide centralized management of all grid components while supporting strategic decision-making process through advanced business intelligence and data mining tools.
  • InteliBuilding - An intuitive home management solution not only reactive to stimuli, but also learning and anticipating the user’s needs. Under development.
  • PLC – Power Line Communication
  • LoRa – Low power Long Range radio frequency communication technology
  • IoT – Internet of Things