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Lynx Solutions

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Lynx Solutions

str. Rezervorului Nr. 433F6, Corunca, jud. Mures.

Phone: +40-265-311829



Contact person: Bodo-Szabo Karola-Eva

Company Profile

We could simply say Lynx Solutions is an IT service provider focused on delivering professional solutions for custom made business applications. But the reality of the matter is deeper, more complex and ever changing.
Since 2003, our team has not only grown exponentially, but we have continuously strived for creating something new instead of just offering the simplest execution of certain demands. We believe in vision, and by doing so we also offer the chance for certain voices to be heard which in other spaces wouldn’t even have the chance to prove how much they have to offer.
Innovation is the horsepower of our company’s engine. In a world of acceleration where everything is about new ideas, there is no proven formula or strategy for success. Innovative ideas can mean technology-driven development, pilot projects turned into products or services that create value for our customers.
Besides this, with the tools developed by us, we are at the same time trying to improve our immediate surroundings by carrying out various touristic, social, environmental and sporting projects, the primary goal being awareness and education.
  • Software development (SAAS)
  • Customized applications
  • Web solutions
  • Support
  • Chatbots
  • Cloud Technologies (AWS, Google)
  • Video Streaming Services
  • PHP (frameworks – Laravel, Cake PHP)
  • Node.js
  • .NET/ .NET Core
  • Java/ Scala
  • Javascript (frameworks - ReactJS, React Native, Angular)
  • iOS/Android Mobile Development
  • Blockchain
  • MySQL, MSSQL, NoSQL (Mongo DB)
  • Datawarehouse/Dashboards
  • Google Charts Dashboards